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Celebrating 80 Years: Unforgettable Custom Decor

Oh, the magic of custom and personalized decor! Have a birthday coming up? Take it from's the secret key that unlocks the door

to a truly unforgettable event.


Personalized face on a stick decor

Why Customize?

Whether it's your 80th birthday bash or any other occasion, the power of tailored decor lies in its ability to reflect your unique essence. From monogrammed napkins that carry your mark to bespoke centerpieces that embody your style, pulling these together creates the pulse of your celebration.

Here are a few fun ways to harness this magic, infusing events with a sense of belonging and an unmistakable aura of you!

Custom Decor Element #1

Just imagine: You walk into a room, and there it is – a sight that makes you chuckle and gasp in awe at the same time. The guest of honor's face on a stick, grinning from ear to ear, greeting guests from every seat. It's like a carnival of joy, and such an easy idea to pull together that will have guests laughing and engaging with all night! 🎪😂

Custom Decor Element #2

But that's just the beginning. Let's talk napkins, shall we? You might think of napkins as those little essentials that clean up your crumbs, but oh no, my friend – these little custom-made paper squares are the stars of the show! Imagine personalized napkins that bring a smile to your face even before the first appetizer hits the table. They're like the confetti of the dining experience, sprinkling a touch of fun and flair to each setting! 🍽️✨

80th birthday napkins

The Full Picture

Elegance combined with whimsical personalized perfection is what dreams are made of! Would you agree? See our planner tips below :)

🧡PITCO Planner Tips🧡

So, whether you're turning 80, or any age for that matter, don't be afraid to think outside the box and embrace the quirky ideas that reflect your personality, style, and the joy of life itself. It's more than a party – it's an experience woven with laughter, elegance, and a touch of whimsy that the guests will remember and the guest of honor will love and cherish forever.

What have you done to personalize an event? Tell us in the comments below! 👇



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