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CRUSHIN' IT - Rylan's Monster Truck Party

Truth? I've never thrown a boy birthday party, so was a little nervous going in, BUT let me just say- this was WHEELIE FUN!! From real tires to wheel dispenser party favors to the Crush It balloons...Rylan was super excited about how his Monster Truck party turned out.

The inspiration behind the scenes obviously came from Rylan's love for monster trucks, but also from some amazing party planners and pinterest ideas. We are so thankful for Kara's Party Ideas and found it very helpful when planning this party. See the party here. If you are ever looking for ideas for a party, has a collection of amazing ideas, pictures, tutorials, suggestions and tips on how to plan the perfect party.

We started with the main party room and decorated two tables; the cake table and the food table.

For the cake table decor, we used a real tire to display the cake and toy ramps with trucks. We used crushed graham crackers as "dirt" under the tire. We rolled card stock and paper to look like fire and hung mylar balloons to say CRUSH IT on a black streamer background. We topped off the table with orange crush and wheel dispensers with Rylan's cute face on them!

On the food table, we had varying heights with black storage containers and red plates. We decorated the '5' with black and white checkered paper. We used toy trucks to hold the helium-filled balloons and stuffed two 36" inflatable tires under the table to give the truck effect! Some of the food served on this table were Stop Lights (brownies with red, yellow and green M&Ms), Nuts and Bolts (chex mix), and Dip Sticks (pretzels dipped in chocolate). We added checkered plates and napkins.

Ok, let's put this thing in reverse! The walkway to the party was made of road runners, cones and checkered flags. We added some flags to the door for a grand entry.

Hot dogs were served in the kitchen with all the fixings. We added a ramped up monster truck "crushing" the orange crush and a toy ramp with another truck for display. The "Fuel" was placed on the table, and also in other areas in the house, to be easily accessible for all the little truck drivers. We also had a "Wheelie Good Queso" set up in the kitchen area.

The mantle was a great place for the Monster Truck Happy Birthday sign. We topped it with a whimsical balloon garland filled with red, orange, yellow, blue, and white checkered flag balloons. We played a monster truck video in the back on the tv for the special guests! Look how cute Rylan looks!!

Other decor was added around the house, including a balloon stop light, happy birthday banner, scattered checkered flags and party favors. The wheel dispenser party favors had a tag that read, "Thanks for crushin' it with me at my party!"

Loved celebrating this little man!


Have a party plan? We'd love to pull it together!


The Pull it Together Party Crew

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