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Introducing: Pull it Together Party Co.!


Hey party-goers, I’m Carrie Meeks, single mama of an audacious and beautiful seven-year-old, Business Development Manager for Cupcakes and Bubbles, and Owner and Creative Director of Pull it Together Party Co.

When Rachel Hollis said, "Girl, wash your face", and "Take the risk, sis,”, I heard that! Like many people, I have been through ups and downs, happiness and disappointments, achievements and failures. But the common factor is, realizing we have a choice in how we deal with them, and our perspective moving forward. In my experience, after getting knocked down, it’s not only about making the choice to get back up, but to CELEBRATE the progress and growth along the way! Which leads me to how Pull it Together Party Co. came to be and why I’m choosing to throw confetti around for a living!

Pull it Together Party Co. is a representation of all things pulled together, and not just in any old way, but the exception to the rule! I personally feel that if you’re going to do something, ‘go big or go home’. So, I pulled together the pieces of my life and started living with purpose. For me, purpose starts with passion and is triumphant when lead with intention. My passion happens to come with bows, twine, tulle and confetti! If you’re going to pull your life together, you might as well pull together unforgettable parties and events, and make people smile and happy in the meantime. So here we are, the first blog post with complete transparency of what this venture is all about. Hopefully you will be a little inspired by the background of the story and if nothing else, learn a few tips and tricks of how to pull together the perfect party, either by yourself or with a little help.



  • If you are someone who loves to throw parties and come across gems of ideas of how to DIY, this is for you!

  • If you are someone who pins 1,000 birthday party pins on your 'someday birthday party' Pinterest board with extravagant décor and details, but would never do anything with them, this is for you!

  • If you are someone who would love to celebrate someone you love with a great party, but don’t have the time to do it, this is for you!



All things party, of course!

I know I'm always searching for ways to work smarter, not harder! I love coming across ideas, tips and how-to’s that make my life easier when it comes to planning a party.

I plan on sharing information and links I find useful as well as setting a goal to do a How-To video for at least one of my decor elements per party theme I do. Yall...hold me to it! Should be interesting, but I'm up for it.

I will also cover Pull it Together Party Co. party packages and services offered, as well as any changes made or additional items/services added. Hey, I might even share special offers and deals every now and then, so don't miss it!



I encourage my readers to engage with the posts. I would love to hear feedback, comments, and suggestions about the information shared and things you’d like to learn about.

Feel free to email me anytime with questions or comments at

Thanks friends!

Your personal pull it together party planner,


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