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Rock Candy Champagne - A Perfect Party Cocktail

Rock Candy Champagne pairs perfectly with any party! This fun drink can be made with your favorite champs and a colorful rock candy stick.

It's so easy! Get the recipe below.

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I love serving these at any party as a little something extra. Rock candy sticks can be purchased in just about any party theme color. For an inside event, you could stick to glass champagne flutes. For an outside event, plastic champagne flutes may be the way to go! You can even purchase the glittered plastic champagne flutes!

These can also be made for the kiddos with a sparkling juice or water.

Dress up any flute with ribbon or tulle to match your theme!


*6oz champagne

*1 rock candy stick

  1. Place a rock candy stick in a fluted champagne glass.

  2. Pour champagne into glass.

  3. Serve.

Rock candy champagne can be used to dress up any party or event from a birthday to a wedding. Just add your color to the bubbles and enjoy!


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