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The Challenge Remains to Pull it Together!

Hey party people! Just dropping a little note that I've updated the PITCO website to include the newest services we provide. I'm excited to announce that we are offering balloon decor to the MAX these days! (Click on Services on the website to learn more about Balloon Decor, Parties and Events, and PITCO in a Box.)

While Covid-19 may have provided a scare and disarray of many things, it also provided opportunities that I plan to continue to seek out and challenge myself and Pull it Together Party Co. in new directions.

As balloons seem to be the new craze in my life, I am thrilled to get back to planning parties and events as they slowly but surely arise! Please contact me for your next soiree. We'll be sure to pull together something fab!

And remember..."If it's not challenging you, it's not changing you." - Rachel Hollis



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